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Content Inventory Searches

These are fields on the content inventory browser that can be used to filter engagement. The search box will autocomplete field names as you start typing
cleanUrlThe path portion of the post’s URL. This is most useful if you want to write a regular expression pattern to match specific content.cleanUrl:/\/recipe\/.+/ (regex)
fullTextThe full body text of the postfullText:Nutmeg AND fullText:pumpkin
titleThe title of the posttitle:fresh
descriptionThe description of the post. This is typically the short blurb about the content that is contained published in meta tags and what appears in social shares.description:dessert
hasVideoThis is true or false, depending on whether the article contains an embedded video.hasVideo:true
pathThe path portion of the content url.path:\/recipe
sitemapsWhen we are scraping content pages based on your sites sitemap xml files, you can search/filter based on the sitemap(s) that the page appears in. Note, if we are not scraping content pages based on sitemap xml files, this field will always be empty.sitemaps:http:\/\/\/sitemap.xml
topicThe name of the topic on the post. Topics are automatically tagged on content by OneSpot using machine reading and natural language processing.topic:gluten
deviceSearch for device or operating system.device:”OS X” OR device:iphone device:windows
locationSearches any of these: City, country, state, area code, DMA, postal code.location:TX location:Texas location:Austin location:512
trafficSourceSpecifies the source of traffic for this page visit - where did the user come from when they visited the site. Possible values are "search", "internal", "email", "social", "other", "direct", "referral"trafficSource:"search" trafficSource:"internal" trafficSource:"other" trafficSource:"email"
userTypeSpecifies whether this is the users first visit or a return visit. Values are: new or returninguserType:new OR userType:returning