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InBox User Mapping

Connecting the anonymous user behavioral profiles stored by OneSpot with records in your ESP or MAP.

By design, OneSpot does not store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in our data stores. In order to personalize an email being sent to a specific person, we need a way to connect our anonymous user profile to an email recipient. We accomplish this through a mapping process that both allows us to personalize and retain our PII-free environment.

We can map email subscribers to user profiles on any click from an email that leads to a page that includes the OneSpot Tag. Your OneSpot Customer Success Manager will provide you with a parameter to append to all links in your email messages. This parameter can be added the same way a web analytics or tracking parameter is added and can be added in addition to all other existing parameters.

As previously unmapped subscribers click on links, they are mapped.

Your parameter will be defined specifically for you and could be different depending on which ESP or MAP you are using to deliver your email. The parameter could consist of your OneSpot account ID, an identifier for your ESP/MAP and/or a token from your ESP/MAP that inserts either a SHA1 Hash of the subscriber’s email address or the subscriber’s unique ID from the MAP/ESP. It will look similar to the example below showing both the before and after versions of the parameter.

Before processing

After processing

As soon as this parameter and the OneSpot tag are properly installed, mapping will commence. This parameter can be added to all email links, not just the ones generated by OneSpot.