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Integrating with Iterable

Send Individualized content through your Iterable account.

OneSpot integrates with Iterable through a Data Feed. The OneSpot integration team will build the data feeds as part of the implementation process.

OneSpot will deliver a JSON payload to Iterable that includes data attributes for one to many content assets.

Attributes typically included would be:

  • Title [[title]]
  • Image URL [[image]]
  • Clickthrough URL [[link]]
  • Description [[desc]]

‚ÄčOnce the JSON is loaded, Iterable variables can be used to extract the data and incorporate it into the template.

The OneSpot integration team will do the initial data feed configuration. The initial data feeds can be copied and modified as needed to produce different variations. Feeds can be named to reflect built in themes or filtering options.
Three versions of the same feed, each with a different theme or influence.

OneSpot uses a SHA1 hash of the subscriber’s email address to connect the subscriber to a web behavior profile. The parameter should be added to all email links similar to UTM parameters for Google Analytics tracking.

&os_ehash={{defaultIfEmpty [hmacSHA1 userId] “noEmail”}}