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Integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) supports send time personalization using the httpget function.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has a limitation that only allows 100 unique links to be tracked when content is personalized. Since each link that OneSpot returns contains personalized elements, this limit is quickly exceeded in any OneSpot powered campaign.

As a result, clicks on personalized content will not be tracked in the SFMC reports. OneSpot will provide a dashboard that includes all clicks on personalized content, as well as detail on the specific content that was served. This dashboard should be used in conjunction with the SFMC reports.

Since personalized clicks are not included in the SFMC reports, OneSpot recommends that the Session to Open rate is used for A/B test purposes. Using the Session to open rate, bypasses the click and provides a pure measurement of engagement lift.

The MD5 hash of the email address should be used for mapping. This string should be appended to the end of all clickthrough URLs in email messages.


Use the httpGet API call to request content from OneSpot. You can view the Salesforce documentation here.

The URL value is the URL to the OneSpot Inbox endpoint and will include several parameters. The exact URL will be produced by the InBox Wizard or supplied to you by your Customer Success Manager.

Some of the parameters include:
When the API call fails the message will fail.
Sample includeExternalContent Call
SET @keywords = "QUERY_STRING=&"
SET @filterstring = "FILTER_STRING=yoga&"
SET @featureURL = "CONTENT_URLS=&"
SET @batch = replace(emailname_," ","_")      
SET @var1 = concat("",@filterstring, @keywords, @featureURL,"&RECOMMENDATION_UNIT_ID=11100&BATCH_ID=",@batch,"&MESSAGE_ID=",jobid,"-",subscriberid,"&EMAIL_HASH=",MD5(emailaddr),"&PARAM_utm_campaign=",emailname_)
<!-- END ONESPOT -->