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Metrics Definitions

Region: Unique pages/page types that we place a unit on (e.g. Homepage, Category Landing Page, Article Page)

Units: Term defining the section on a region that we have 1 or more recommendations showing (e.g. MFT Article page right rail Trending section with 5 recommendations in 1 unit)

Distinct Pages Recommended: Number of unique page URLs recommended through all units in all regions.

Visitors: Unique visitors to the site

Personalized Page Views: Distinct Number of pages served with personalized recommendations

Click Rate (PV): Percentage of clicks over how many times recommendations were seen on a page PV: Page Views

Units Served: Distinct number of units served across all regions per the timeframe

Click Rate (UNITS): Overall clicks seen on a page throughout our recommendations, but user did or did not see all recommendations across all units.

Viewable Click Rate (UNITS): When the all unit recommendations were seen on the page and a user clicks on a recommendation.

Recommendations Served: Total number of recommendations served.

PCT Static Recs: Percentage of recommendations that were displayed without any personalization but based on core business rules such as showing most popular site wide articles. (Static recs are cached every 24 hours)

Clicks: Total number of distinct clicks on recommendations within units

Unit Viewability: Percentage of units seen on a page where recommendations are served; Viewable units/units served. (e.g. Lower units are served but viewability may lover based on less people scrolling to the bottom of the page.

PCT Total PV Personalized: Number of times a page view occurred where our units were delivered as a personalized experience.

PPV Engagement Rate: Of the PPV Recirculation Rate this is the percentage of users who were engaged in the page they clicked through too (engaged = 30sec + % scroll)

PPV Recirculation Rate: Recirculation of the Personalized page views this is the percentage of recirculation clicks where viewers clicked on a recommendation.

AVG PPV Time Engaged in Sec: Based on pages that receive engaged page views this is the total time average for all visitors (engaged = 30 sec +% scroll).