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Offers Implementation

Pre-req: OneSpot Script and CSS tags installed to website header

Per Offer Requirements

Offer Name

The name to identify the offer that is being created for internal and reporting reasons


The title that will be displayed in the recommendation unit if needed to be shown

Target URL

The URL where the user will be redirected to when clicking on the recommendation unit.
  • If sending externally one good thing to think about is if the 3rd party service has additional URL params that can be used for tracking purposes.


Values related to the unit that is being injected for better identification and possibly injection, so they appear in articles using those keywords


The Start Date/Time and End Date/Time of the offer you’re creating. The Start time will be required, to specify since when these offers started. The end time can be left blank, which makes the offer duration to be indefinite.

Display Type

IMAGE: Looks like a regular recommendation, with its image but the redirect link can be any offer that you want to add, even from third party sites, making that when a user clicks in the recommendation they will be redirected to an external site where they can claim the offer.

  • Image display specific fields:
    • Image URL: Which in this case the user will need to provide a specific URL where the image is being hosted, so the system will pull it out and store it in the database for using it in the recommendation unit. This image will show a thumbnail in the recently created offer once the configuration has been saved.
HTML: Placed in the pages just as a regular unit, but the difference is that the display can be anything that the site owner wants to show, as the unit gets its content directly from the HTML code. This option allows the site owner to provide even dynamic content to be shown in the unit
  • HTML display specific fields:
    • Display HTML: HTML to be provided by site owner and the one that will be shown in the recommendation unit once injected in the page.
      • OneSpot will configure from our end for the HTML to be injected in the unit.

Offer Placement

Where on the site should the offer be displayed?
  • Static Offer within a region (article right rail)
  • Contextual: Based on keywords defined in an offer (Article Right Rail based on article content with keywords)