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Onboarding Overview

High level steps to get started with OneSpot.

Our goal is to make getting started with OneSpot’s platform a straightforward and pain-free process. There are only a few steps that require any tech resources and even those steps are very lightweight. We typically launch our clients in 4 to 6 weeks, so its a short journey.
  1. Tag Installation (Customer)
  2. Sitemap identification and review (OneSpot)
  3. Business rule configuration (OneSpot)
  4. Template strategy and development (OneSpot)
  5. Configure Action Tracking (Customer)
  6. Website or Email Service Provider (ESP) implementation (OneSpot)
  7. Review & Approval (Customer)
  8. Testing & Deployment (OneSpot)

On the customer side, people with the following roles should be engaged during kick-off.

  • Primary contact / project manager
  • Website product manager or technical contact (for tag installation)
  • Email marketing or CRM manager
  • Content manager