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Send Time vs Open Time Personalization

OneSpot’s InBox functionality allows for two different integration methodologies – Send Time and Open Time.

When your ESP supports Send Time Personalization, we recommend using this approach. To support Send Time Personalization, your ESP must be able to retrieve external content from a URL for each email recipient at the time the messages are being queued. Some ESPs have built in functions or API to support this remote content retrieval and they are generally named something similar to “GetContent”, “httpGet” or “WebScrape”. If we don’t have your ESP listed in our InBox documentation, you can contact the OneSpot support team to inquire about the details.

Send Time Personalization Details

  • Full HTML personalization
  • HTML injected into the ESP during send process via API
  • Fully responsive design compliant
  • Requires ESP ability to retrieve content from a URL
  • Preferred option if supported by ESP

Open Time Personalization is an image based approach that is supported by all ESPs and Marketing Automation Platforms that can include 3rd party hosted images in their email content. OneSpot converts each piece of content into a templated image that can include images, copy and calls to action. When a recipient opens an email, OneSpot loads individually selected content in the form of images.

An example image based template. All the elements above (Headline, copy,
image and Read More button) are part of the single image.
Once served, images remain static, so subsequent opens or forwards of the message result in the same content being served.