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Template Strategy and Development

Templates are the vehicles that deliver content to your website or email messages. We don’t force you to pick from a preexisting list of templates and in most cases, you don’t have to change the look and feel of your website or email templates if you prefer not to.

You should be prepared to provide us with the HTML template files that you use for any email campaigns where you would like to include personalized content. You can easily pull this right from your ESP.

We’ll look at your templates and make recommendation about areas or modules within the templates that are good candidates for personalization. From there, we will develop the templates and provide you with the details for each one.

OnSite templates are developed by the OneSpot integration team and no technical resources are required from the client. OneSpot can use published style sheets to use the same classes and styles used throughout the site.

OneSpot Regions can either replace existing elements or be inserted into new places on the site. OneSpot’s integration team will work with you to identify the best locations for each region and to confirm style and design.